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According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, nearly 6,000 people died and more than 515,000 were injured on American roadways in 2008 in crashes that involved distracted driving. The problem is growing, and young drivers are most at risk.

KADD was founded by Scott D. Camassar and Stephen M. Reck of the Law Firm of Stephen M. Reck & Scott D. Camassar, LLC in North Stonington, CT, to help educate kids of all ages about the dangers of distracted driving. We’re dedicated to responsible driving and keeping kids safe. We don’t want to see kids injured or killed by texting and driving, or by others’ texting and driving. Please join us in this campaign, and go to and take the pledge today.

THE PLEDGE: "I pledge to not text or use my cell phone while driving. I understand the serious dangers caused by distracted driving and will talk to my family and friends about these dangers, to help make the roads safer for everyone."

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HOT OFF THE PRESS! Read the National Safety Council's new paper, “Understanding the Distracted Brain: Why driving while using hands-free cell phones is risky behavior”

Monday, August 20, 2012

Experienced Video-Gamers No Better at Driving When Distracted

Jeff Nesbit observes: "A new study by the Visual Cognition Laboratory at Duke University found that experienced video gamers, despite years of juggling, say, a game controller with a combo of 20 buttons/sticks/directional arrows in one hand and junk food in the other, are actually no better at operating a simple steering wheel and two foot pedals while talking in the real world than regular folks. It's a fact these gamers might be too distracted from figuring out until it's too late."  Read more about this interesting study and what it means for you.

Tech Tools to Fight Distracted Driving

Parents: a few more apps and accessories to prevent distractions--read more.

The Dangers of Spitting When Driving

Wisconsin woman rear-ends a car after spitting out the window. Really.